Recent projects

Currently we have some projects: renovations and refurbishments.

New FOSCO store in Badajoz

New FOSCO store in Badajoz. Masonry, carpentry, aluminium frames and metalwork, plasterboard, electrical installation, painting and finishes.

Industrial Building - Villarrobledo

Refurbishment of industrial building in Villarrobledo including metallic structure and its foundations, framework with alveolar plate and metallic structure, openings in façade for shop window, carpentry woodworking and metalworking, false ceiling, prefabricated plasterboard partitions, painting, flooring and tiling.

Cóctel - Blanes - Gerona

Refurbishment of existing premises CÓCTEL in Blanes, Gerona. Internal renovation: flooring and canvas and vinyl replacement.

Merkal Calzados - Cartagena

Refurbishment of existing premises MERKAL CALZADOS in Cartagena, Murcia. Shop conversion and façade sign renovation.